Stormy Run

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Reg.: I-269145

Brand: 181/4

Color: W/R rn

DOB: 4/13/2014

BW: 65.0

Weight: 1110     6/13/2017

Horns: 52.0     11/28/2017

Over Kill
Over Head Headliner FF248 Archer 92
Texana Possum Spot
Overlyn Overwhelmer
King's Lyn
Field of Pearls Fielder Zigfield
Pearl Senator

Home Run
Shy Streaker Winsome Winchester
Precious Blade
Lil Savvy Shadow Savvy
Consider The Lilies
Power Outage Mile Marker The Shadow
Right Fielder Fielder
Ain't I Obvious


d_5097.jpg - Run So Far
c_1308.jpg - Stormy Run x Reckon So - 2016 Heifer
e_0616.jpg - Stormy Run x Hoo Ray - 2018 Heifer
e_1380.jpg - Stormy Run x Hooray - 2018 Heifer
Stormy_run-2018-H.jpg - Stormy Run x Hoo Ray - 2018 Heifer