Atticus Finch

Reg.: I-272969

Brand: 121/6

Color: B/W unln

DOB: 4/11/2016

BW: 64.0

Weight: 1005     11/2/2017

Horns: 53.0     4/5/2018

Jet Black Chex
JP Rio Grande JR Grand Slam Gunman
JR Sequential
TX W Lucky Lady Lamb's Power Play
TX W Rose Bud
Midnight Darlin' RCC Chance RCC Dixie Creole
Safari B 985
Fickled Fates Lady Cooper's Impressive Son
CM Fickled Fate

Clear Symbol
Clear Win Win Win Winchester
My My My
Bowl of Roses Super Bowl
Field Of Roses
Unbounded Symbol Unlimited No Double
Superior's Droopy
Kingly Symbol King
Superior Symbol