Flair Galore

Reg.: I-272971

Brand: 114/5

Color: W/B spk

DOB: 5/6/2015

BW: 73.0

Weight: 1535     11/7/2017

Horns: 79.13     1/4/2018

This is a 2 year old who measured 67 3/8" at 24 months. Above the horn value is the prettiest speckled color. He is unproven, but appears not only a total, but extreme genetic bundle. His mating strategy is a shotgun blast of every different DCC family to develop his future value siring data.

Lots of Flair
Jamakizm Shadowizm The Shadow
Jamoka Circle K Donovan
Miss Widespread
Shot Of Victory Victory Lap Winchester
Headshot Headliner FF248
Amazing Shot

Winning Strike
Clear Win Win Win Winchester
My My My
Bowl of Roses Super Bowl
Field Of Roses
Jamaju Jamakizm Shadowizm
JuJu Jet Jockey