Texas Ranger JP

Reg.: T-0681

Brand: 217

Color: D/W


Weight: 1690    

Horns: 48.75    

Semen: $15.00

He is sired by Two Tone, out of Brazos Belle, all Phillips breeding. By every calculation, he has done more for the Longhorn breed to bring them into the limelight than any other sire in history. Not only does he sire great sons & daughters, his sons & daughters often reproduce better than themselves. The lineage goes on getting better & better. Every All Age World Champion bull & All Age International Champion bull in history have traced back to Texas Ranger in their pedigree. He is the only bull in history to have that merit. Young progeny are few & far between due to the fact there is only a small amount of semen left on the famous old Texas Ranger JP. Use him to perpetuate the miracle of AI conception 30 years after his death. (1968-1983) His lineage, like Win Win, trace line bred 25 times to Texas Ranger.
Two Tone Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn
Brazos Belle 182ND Phillips Longhorn
Phillips Longhorn


rangers_big_un.jpg - Rangers Big'Un Rangers Big'Un
msr.jpg - Measles Super Ranger Measles Super Ranger
rms.jpg - Rangers Measles Rangers Measles
texas_star.jpg - Texas Star Texas Star
toro.jpg - Texas Toro Texas Toro
1156_28.jpg - Tri-W Broken Arrow Tri-W Broken Arrow
texas_freckles.jpg - Texas Freckles Texas Freckles
texas_measles.jpg - Texas Measles Texas Measles
1680_20.jpg - Ranger's Blade Ranger's Blade
Texas Trish
Texas Trish