Reg.: T-14885

Brand: 23/1

Color: Red

DOB: 4/1/1981

Weight: 2005    

Horns: 64.5    

Semen: $15.00

He is a son of Royal Mounty, out of a daughter of Texas Ranger named Miss Texas Ranger 262. He sports 64" horn. King sold at public auction at age 14 for $8,700 as a natural service sire. He is totally sound & a capable breeder even into his teenage years. The $8,700 price was the highest price paid for a natural service bull in 1995 of that age. He has the miraculous ability to sire tremendous sons & tremendous daughters. He sires size, substance, horn, & body. Due to his red color he has often been used on cows with a lot of white. For best results, he should be used on cows with tight skin. He was one of the first Longhorns to reach mid 60" horns and is still competitive years after his death. Semen is economical. His daughters give abundant milk and heavy weaning weights. His most famous son is Zhivago.

Royal Mounty
Texas Lin Texas Ranger JP
YO Linda
Archer #1 WR 1814
WR 1597

Miss Texas Ranger 262
Texas Ranger JP Two Tone
Brazos Belle 182nd
Miss Alamo Phillips Bull
Phillips Cow

tux_n_tails.jpg - Tux 'N Tails Tux 'N Tails
1940_20.jpg - Kingly Blend Kingly Blend
zhivago.jpg - Zhivago Zhivago
Queen_of_Kings.jpg - Queen Of Kings Queen Of Kings
t_2829.jpg - Spellbound Spellbound
Zhivago clone, age 2
Zhivago clone, age 2