Reg.: T-24050

Brand: 207/3

Color: R/W

DOB: 11/18/1982

Weight: 2030    

Horns: 57.78    

Semen: $25.00

He is sired by Cowcatcher, out of the famous Doherty 698. Some feel Overwhelmer, a many times World's Champion Sire & World's champion Get of Sire himself, is the superior sire in the history of the breed. He sires size demanded by the commercial and show industry. He combines both opposite segments of the industry in one bull and also consistently sires dark red and spotted animals. His most famous son is Senator. Numerous other sons of high regard are scattered around the nation. Semen is limited because very little semen was in inventory at the time of his death.

Texas Toro 60 Texas Ranger JP
WR 1071
Calico Gal Old Calico
Brazos Belle 4Th

Doherty 698
Senor Mulege WR 2309
WR 2269
Wright #489 Larry 107
Jaque 24

r_224.jpg - Over All Over All
1901_42.jpg - Ranger Yets Last Call Ranger Yets Last Call
2047_38.jpg - Impressive Overwhelmer Impressive Overwhelmer
s_1622.jpg - Over Quick Over Quick
senator.jpg - Senator Senator
p_4234.jpg - Over Classed Over Classed
p_2818.jpg - Amazing Shot Amazing Shot
p_1106.jpg - Do Over Do Over
1926_26.jpg - Over Ranga Over Ranga
Black_Velvet_1372-20.jpg - Black Velvet Black Velvet
Over Classed
Over Classed
Super Man
Super Man