Reg.: T-71859

Brand: 3/3

Color: Red Brindl

DOB: 5/22/2003

Jamakizm was bred by Tom Smith and developed by Dick Lowe. When he was first collected DCCI purchased 100 straws of semen and some really great things happened. From the first year's AI the great bull Drag Iron was born then Juma and Jamster. Jamakizm by Shadowizm, added the dark minimal-white pattern with consistent brindle. His body is one of the tallest and longest of modern TL sires. His greatness comes from the strength to sire great males and females which few bulls can successfully sire both. Horn 83" T2T. Jamakizm, although never owned by DCCI is a great contributor to modern value genetics. 75% of his genetics are DCCI. He is one of the great sires of all times.

The Shadow Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Good Friday Dakota Kid
Zither Zhivago King
Safari B 496
Bail News Bail Jumper
Impressive News
Jamoka Circle K Donovan Senator
Miss Widespread Widespread 11/9
Doherty 174


c_3985.jpg - Jamaju
z_5193b.jpg - Drag Iron
y_2873.jpg - Juma
d_4701.jpg - Kute Kimber
c_7033.jpg - Jam Packed
d_7901.jpg - Toss The Jam
d_6805.jpg - Jama Dandy
z_10710.jpg - Jama
d_5740.jpg - Raspberry Ruger
b_4221.jpg - Lots of Flair
c_5663.jpg - Jam Out!
z_9828.jpg - Play The Jam
b_6585.jpg - Jama Tune
d_5222.jpg - Jam Over
d_6888.jpg - Dainty Derenger
d_3786.jpg - Hoo Ray
a_2987.jpg - Lots of Flash a_8528.jpg - Shining Victory x Jamakizm - 2014 Heifer a_8726.jpg - Victory Party x Jamakizm - 2014 Heifer a_8760.jpg - Shining Victory x Jamakizm - 2014 Embryo Heifer
b_1743.jpg - Toss The Jam b_3169.jpg - Jamaju b_5956.jpg - Jam Out! b_6357.jpg - Pokey Polite
b_7071.jpg - Toss The Jam b_7111.jpg - Jama Dandy c_1390.jpg - Dragon Ice x Jamakizm - 2016 Heifer c_2983.jpg - Jam Packed With Jet Black Chex Calf
c_3486.jpg - Toss The Jam d_4673.jpg - Jam Forever jamster.jpg - Jamster x_1962.jpg - Drag Iron
x_3282.jpg - Juma x_4354.jpg - Drag Iron y_3549.jpg - Drag Iron

This steer is Sato by Jamakizm with 123
This steer is Sato by Jamakizm with 123" horn, most of any steer in history.