Reg.: WWAFP1904

Brand: C911

Color: W/R

DOB: 5/11/2001

Weight: 1026     10/15/2004

Horns: 50.38     10/15/2004

Akeem was named from the movie "Out of Africa." He was the herd sire for the DCCI herd in 2004. He has more pedigree history than Angelena Jolee's children. He was used by DCCI in 2004 as the senior sire. His photo was taken as a 2 year old. This bedazzling Watusi has the high horn that some prefer. His daughters milk great. Akeem semen is available in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.
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FP Watusi Rare Animal Survival

v_2352.jpg - Akeem Zee Akeem Zee
r_1231.jpg - Zeeway x Akeem - 2005 Bull Zeeway x Akeem - 2005 Bull
S_5899.jpg - Azeem Azeem
v_2578.jpg - Yorba Yorba