Watusi Info

Mr Immambo

Mr. Immambo, the Foundation Watusi sire at DCCI, measures 76-3/4" tip-to-tip and a 26" base circumferance. He is one of the great sires of the breed. Semen is available at $15 per straw.

Watusi cattle are one of the rarest breeds of cattle in the world today. Very few individuals were ever exported off of the African continent. Between the changes in African tribal lifestyles and the political situations in their native lands, coupled with the extremely small genetic pool available to the remainder of the world it had become imperative to the survival of this breed that a concentrated effort be made to retain them. read more about the history of Watusi here

In 1984 a group of concerned Watusi enthusiasts comprised of Don Zavislan of Pueblo West, Colorado; Darol Dickinson, Calhan, Colorado; Marlin Neidhardt, Hebron, North Dakota; Peter Lang, Santa Rosa, California; Bill Lowe, Canon City, Colorado; Emmett Jones, Dobbin, Texas; and Willard Moore, Columbus, Montana became the first Board of Directors of a new organization to become known as the World Watusi Association. The Association was formed to collect records and maintain a stud book of the pedigrees for this rare and unique breed of cattle, as well as to be a uniting force for all those who love these special animals.


World Watusi Association