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Bradley Troy, retired FAA Air Traffic Controller, and current resident of Longhorn Hideaway is officially the featured "Chronicler" of the ranch. Brad, his wife Denise and son Jason purchased a section of Dickinson Cattle Co Inc (DCCI) and built a unique stone and log home on one of the high hills. Brad is a licensed private jet pilot, 911 dispatcher, Jamboree In The Hills Production Security specialist and now an even higher distinction-----Chronicler!

Since Brad started his home construction he has been in the middle of every DCCI ranch job, cattle work, fence stretching, new born calf tagging, feeding during blizzards, up before dawn on frosty mornings and an observer, with camera in hand, of everything. As a result, his graphics captured with a keen professional eye, document a life style and ranching business that may just dwindle away.

The 2007 USDA census records more than 1300 ranches or livestock producers are going out of business per month. Due to increasing government enforcements, potential new taxes, and subdivision of famous ranches, they are riding into the sunset. Each time government employees and salaries increase it becomes harder to employ qualified cowboys.

The census records the largest growth area among livestock producers is owners of 10 livestock or less. The day of glamorous large ranches was in the past.

Famous historic chroniclers of film, photos, art and songs include Will James, Zane Gray, Gene Autry, Ancel Adams, Frederick Remington, and Charlie Russell. These dedicated ones recorded events, words and images of their day. When they preserved details of things they saw and lived, it was not history, it was current events. In this same way, today, Brad is documenting things that will soon end as current, and live to become history. Daily life and tasks at DCCI are now just normal stuff, but things and stuff change.

You are invited to be a guest of DCCI, ride the pastures, draw a fresh breath of Ohio air the morning after a slow night's rain, and perceive; this will also be history and you were here when it was just ordinary ranch life.

To view seasons, DCCI events and happenings, keep checking the site. It is a living work that will be increased daily as Bradley traps snapshots you won't ever find in downtown New York City, and someday won't find in any rural areas of the USA. Enjoy while you can.

*Permission to reproduce with photo credit to Bradley Troy, courtesy of Dickinson Cattle Co Inc.

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